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Will's Worlds Links

On the first web page I ever made in 1995, ("Bill's Sorry Excuse for a Web page") I put nothing but links to other places on the web. When I created the universe now known as "Will's Worlds", I decided I wouldn't put a ton of extraneous links to other peoples pages and company sites. But after getting help from some really cool people, I decided to put this page together with links to their websites. I also decided to add links or just icons to let you know what tools I use to create Will's Worlds. (see Tools section below)  ENJOY...

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( 4/15/01 - It might just be the drugs I'm taking from my surgery, but I just discovered that the background on this page along with the text has a 3-D effect.  Look at an object above or beside your computer screen that is about 6 inches back farther and without re-focusing your eyes, slowly turn your head to look at this screen. If done right, the 3-D effect will appear. I SWEAR IT !!!! )

www.mdparty.com MDparty.com
If you want to party in Maryland and like live music, check out this page. Tom has all the bands, when they're playing, where they're playing, how to get there and more...
www.baltimorebands.com BaltimoreBands.com
This page is full of  links to local MD Band's Web pages in an easy to read format.
The cool pop-ups on Will's Worlds home page were created using Eric Bosrup's overLib script.

Experiments in Web Programming
A lot of the DHTML, Java and JavaScript Stuff I'm using is courtesy of Brainjar.com's resident genius Mike Hall. Very cool stuff.
MS Frontpage

A few quotes:

"I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a drunk, Alcoholics go to meetings."
"You look like shit... Is that the style now."
"Consumption of alcohol is the leading cause of inexplicable rug burn on the forehead."
"Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and thinks that everyone elses stinks."
"You can find sympathy in the dictionary between shit and syphilis."

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